Obsolescence Management:


In order to prevent obsolescence issues, Galeso offers consulting in individuating and monitoring critical product lifecycle phases.

Risk management plan will consider every your key piece of equipment, establishing “when” and “what” parts will be replaced or redesigned

Devices in phases 5 and 6 of a product’s life cycle require caution on the part of designers and product support engineers to assure that system components are indeed available at the time of production.

Your company will be able to peacefully manage critical situation, for example:

  • A part that will be discontinued in the future.
  • A system that uses a unique part that can only be produced by a single manufacturer.
  • Dwindling of parts for a system, but no replacements over time.
  • Planning in a new system design that does not consider future obsolescence problems.
  • A parts list that contains an end-of-life cycle part before a system has gone into production.